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2012/03/02 von CORE Kiteboarding

CÖRE CRÜE Teamwatch - March 2012

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New Year's Eve dates back quite a while, but somehow our teamriders suffered from sort of an amnesia and didn't answer our mails, because they were doing yoga camps or were recovering on remote islands.

Matthias Larsen is in Capetown right now, as every year. New Year´s Eve he went on a private party in Table View where two DJ´s were on the ones and twos. One oft hem was Berlin style master (off and on the water) Philipp „Pile“ Brückmann. Back home he had to go by cab and next day he wasn´t able to go on the water. In 2012 the Hamburg already had some big model joby going on. And he was kiting, too. On a road trip along the Garden Route he had sick freestyle sessions in Witsand. Matthias is also doing lots of Yoga and spends time with his new dutch girlfriend.

Beany celebrated the new year in Ummanz on the island of Rügen together with friends from the „Rügen Surfhostel“ and fireworks. He went to bed long at seven, in a cravan while it was freezing cold outside. At midnight his friends couldn´t resist throwing fireworks in his caravan. Beany must have been pissed. But shortly after that he did a marathon, all alone, as preparation for the new season.

For Rob Kidnie News Year´s Eve started with a late session with friends and a few beers at his school in Mui Ne while watching the sun go down for last time for 2011. After a quick shower at home it was time to head to friends house for a barbecue and few more drinks before venturing to a French friends bar called "Fun-Key" where he partied the night away till the sun came up. We wonder where he met this russian party tourist...

Then it was home-time for a quick siesta because the kite school needed to opened at 9am and the wind was already starting to blow. It is not often that the Australian wishes for no wind, but news years day can be one of those days. Anyway the days went by quickly because of the wind and Rob took it as a good sign for 2012 being a wind filled year of action.

Lasse Girolstein still has to deal with the consequences of his ACL reconstruction. That doesn´t stopped him from partying hard on New Year´s Eve. Together with two friends he drove his VW Bus to Denmark for a nice and quiet girls´night out; they were announced as german strippers. If they wore cowboy costumes and acted like guys in danish western movies, we never would be told. However they partied till dawn. In June Lasse will hit it hard on the water again.

Chris Bösch is becoming more and more a Brazilian-by-choice as he his living there part time oft he year with his small family. And they all bought white clothes and flip-flops for New Year´s Eve according to the usual practice in Brazil. Chris, his girlfriend and their daughter invited friends and relatives from Switzerland to come celebrating with them in their sea view appartment. They toasted with Champagne and drove to the beach party in Cumbuco. On the 1.1. Chris relaxed on the beach, and on the 2.1. he was on the water again slashing the first waves of 2012 in northern Brazil.

Philipp Zach celebrated New Year´s Eve together with his girlfriend and her family in Venezuela. They sneaked a great place on a small mountain where they enjoyed the fireworks and a bottle of sparkling wine. People were literally shooting their money in the sky. Philipp wasn´t in party mode as he knew about the 30 knots forcast for the new year´s day. After that he escaped the winter and went to El Yaque.

Marilou had to take it slow on New Year´s Eve. Our lively Canadian had to be 'sober' and stimulant free already 3 months away from this date. The wine and coffee free purpose was so that she could enter in a 200hrs yoga teacher training program. Well, even if Marilou and her friend enjoyed their second bottle of fantastic Chardonnay, just the day before, that didn't stop her from flying the very next morning in the states. Landing in Sedona, Arizona on the 7th of January to take part in this new and different challenge.

At the moment she is in Panama and takes a rest from the exhausting but stimulating course. Read more about her spiritual experiences in her next blog.

David worked as a fireman in Barcelona, also during New Years Eve, to fill up his vacation savings. After that he pretty much took the next flight to Fuerteventura. We northern Germans go to Tarifa, the Catalans go the Canaries. In January he enjoyed strong winds and big waves there, went back to Spanish mainland and now again is on Fuerte.