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2011/11/10 von

CÖRE CRÜE Teamwatch

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Almost all the CORE team riders came together at the World Cup in St. Peter-Ording, the world's largest kite event, to represent our brands. We had ten wonderful days together, but thereafter, we all left in different directions. Our "Cöre Crüe" team-radar serves to summarize our team rider location and to provide an insight into their lives.

Marilou flew directly to her home city of Montreal in order to enjoy the final days of the Canadian summer and to prepare for some beginner-events in Brazil.

Beany and Philipp stayed on Fehmarn for a while, to help us unload the “stuffed to the rafters” Iveco vans and to take part in a sports test on the sunny isle. As part of a master's thesis, a sports student at the University of Bochum set out to test the levels of fitness and agility of a professional rider. Tim “The Hulk” joined the race with young gun Philipp and marathon runner Beany. After pumping iron and putting the ergometer through its paces, the bets were coming in – who would be the fittest? What do you think? Unfortunately the old masters of the company were not allowed to attend, which left the young guns unable to make them look old . . .

Thereafter Philip flew "home" (as he calls it) -  to Egypt. He left for the airport with six stuffed board bags, proceeded to miss the late night check-in and bedded down in his five star suite in front of the check-in desk; between the toilet and the internet cafe. What more do you need? The next morning, he then checked the entire 120 kg in for a paltry € 25. We are in awe of his wizardry.

Lasse had begun his summer semester abroad in Perth, and could therefore not participate in the World Cup in St. Peter. His trip was however cut short, at the first session, when he popped his knee. Diagnosis: Cruciate ligament torn, medial ligament torn, damage to the meniscus, cartilage and the outer band. A total write off - it’s not really possible to damage it more! He immediately booked the return flight and the OP was completed a couple of days ago. We have received several MMS pictures of his so-called "knee", but we prefer not to show them. One doesn’t recognize anything but tubes anyway. All the best with the recovery!

Chris was once again the first to arrive in Brazil. But not only to have the lagoons to himself a little longer;  in early October his Brazilian girlfriend, Robervanya, and he welcomed their baby Luna to the world - and now they have their hands full. Between changing diapers and his other fatherly duties he still manages to kite at least once a day.

Philipp and Marilou soon followed Chris. Tim's flight to Fortaleza is already on Monday. There is therefore nothing in the way of the Lagoon Cauipe reunion. 

Only South-Africa-devotee Matze deviated from the norm. A few days ago, he landed in Cape Town to spend the next six months searching for the best waves between Sunset and Hagkat. Trips to Mozambique and Co. are also planned. We are excited!

We don’t know what drives Beany. As always he is predictably unpredictable. Apparently he is working in Switzerland at the moment.