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2011/12/25 von CORE Kiteboarding

CÖRE CRÜE Teamwatch: X-Mas Edition

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The World is in the middle of the Christmas Buzz and so are (most) of our riders. As always the „Cöre Crüe“-Team-Radar will provide a snapshot of where our team riders currently are and what they’re doing. This is the X-Mas Edition.

Chris Bösch spent the pre-Christmas days in Fortaleza for some last-minute Christmas shopping. On the 20th his girlfriend, daughter and he left for Paracuru and will be spending Christmas there. The area has a lot to offer at this time of year with the town square and church being lovingly decorated, a Christmas tree being set up and with Father Christmas entertaining the kids – at 30 degree Celsius!

Phillip Zach left the same day as Chris. From Fortaleza he first flew to Caracas and then on to Puerta la Cruz, located across from Isla Margarita. He’ll be spending the festive season with his girlfriend and her family. If there’s wind he’ll be on the water; if there is no wind he’ll do the tourist thing and explore the areas many caves and table mountains.

After a couple of months in Brazil, David finds himself back home – in Barcelona. His kite gear however is still in transit somewhere between Lisbon and Fortaleza – hold thumbs! 

After 3 months he’s also back at work. As a fireman he had to work on the 24th and spent the evening, on call, with colleagues. The remaining days will be spent with friends and family and with a little bit of luck – snowboarding in the Andes. At the moment there is not enough snow.

The New Year will then have a typical Spanish start – eating a grape for each “dong” that the clock makes when it strikes 12. Success brings good fortune for the New Year. Soon thereafter he departs for the Canary Islands and the first waves of the New Year. 

Marilou, for a change, didn’t spend Christmas this year sleeping in a Board bag or selling Christmas trees in New York. Instead she’s spending the Festive season with her family in Montreal. Even if there is currently only a couple of cm of snow on the ground, snow kiting in the next couple of days – with the whole family of course – could be on the cards. Christmas Eve was spent in Church followed by a nice big family dinner.

It would not be fitting for Beany, who’s not the biggest fan of the Church, to celebrate the second most important Church festival. His comments were very colorful but we thought it best not to capture them here. 

He’ll spend the days at home with his dad and mom, who cooks the best vegetable-tofu dishes, resting, catching up, meditating and running.

Tim and Lasse will be spending Christmas at home in Germany. Weather permitting – and the wind forecast is looking good – they’ll be kiting festively in St. Peter-Ording. Unfortunately Lasse will only be able to dream kite from the beach as he’s still recovering from his knee op. 

Matze considered spending Christmas in Germany but he’ll start the day with a “Braai” in Cape Town.

Robert Kidnie will be spending Christmas in Mui Ne, Vietnam. Only 7% of the 88 Million people in Vietnam are Christian, so celebrations take place on a smaller scale. The Christmas season also coincides with the Typhoon season, which means either too much or too little wind for lessons. So he’ll be searching for spots along the coast where the wind is just perfect.

He’ll be spending Christmas Eve with friends in one of the better Hotel in Mui Ne for Buffet. After overindulging he’ll roll home and Skype with family – which makes it easy to talk to everyone at once.