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2012/01/13 von Marilou Lavallée

Marilou Nº 4: "Last Minute"

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Did I find myself writing my last article about PLANS? Well ironic enough, because today I found myself being a little bit like what we called: LAST MINUTE. Maybe I should have planned a little bit more...

Anyway, I would guess this also goes with Kitesurfing, because I just LOVE the kick out of it! Having 10.000 things to do right on the ULTIMATE MOMENT is also a shot of Adrenaline for me. So even in my sofa I found a way to get stoked.

This story started during a midnight insomnia adventure, when I was out looking on the web for some YOGA teachers training program - just by CURIOSITY. 

I’ve been practicing Yoga almost as long as kitesurfing. Well, not as devoted as kitesurfing. But since my knee injuries, I’ve been into it more and more. It is probably the perfect balance I needed between INTENSITY and CALMNESS. Therefore it was not a big surprise for me, when I found myself looking at those programs in Indonesia or Arizona – wow, I have to go.

Except, reality is that: I’ve press the ‘PAY’ button real quick while subscribing to this totally out of the blues new experience and it happening now in less than 4 days!!! 

Time passes by fast and I’ve realized how crazy I can be sometimes. My to do list seems to be getting longer and longer and time shorter and shorter. But the truth is: I LOVE IT! I know, by experience, I’ll have the time to do everything, except faster and more efficient. Not too bad. 

In my TO DO list there was a little something for you guys: Christmas time is slowly passing by, and I wanted to make sure, I had send everyone I CARE FOR a little note. Thing is, there are so many people I realize that are important to me, starting from my family, my friends, the whole CORE team and of course ALL KITERS that keep supporting me and encouraging me in my journey. So many of you are taking time to write me and I really found this FANTASTIC!

Therefore, to all of you, I am THANKING you from the bottom of my heart, cause sincerely, you are part of what makes me who I am and I can never say thank you enough for this. I do believe that changes starts from small things and that every little thing we do for others, one day grows BIG and come back in return.

So to all, I wish you a 2012 with lots of Kiting; sharing it with people and places you love. Plus, lots of peace and smiles all around you!

As I’ve finally pick a camp in Arizona/USA, I will enjoy the week kitesurfing on the West Coast of California right after that. I will not be available during the Yoga training, as it is a NO internet commitment, but I’ll get back to you guys as soon as I’m done. 

Here is a short video, with lots of LOVE, I made especially for you guys!


All the best,

Mari xoxo

p.s.: Finally, last minute... was quiet fun!