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Matze Larsen


Name: Matthias Larsen 
Nickname: Matze
Date and place of birth: Hamburg, January '78
Home: Capetown / Hamburg
Education: University
Kiteboarding since: 2001 
Why kiteboarding: Freedom in the elements
Inspired by: Lou Wainman, Flash Austin
CARVED/CORE since: 2010
Preferred Core kites: GTS 
Preferred Carved board(s) (size): 136x41 CARVED Tantrum and 6'0" CARVED Burner Surfboard
Other sports: surf, Yoga, Frisbee Freestyle, Salsa, Capoeira
Passions: photography, travelling
Favourite spot(s): Hakgat, CPT
Best day possible: Wakestyle session at Dolphin Beach and then a wave downwinder from Sunset Beach to Hakgat
Best vacation: 6 months South Africa
Favourite music: Latin, Electro
Favourite food: Sushi, Thai, Italian
My ride: VW Bus
Past injuries: stretched ACL. Concusion and blood coughing
Injuries I’m going for next year: None
Highlights of my career: Big Wave Riding in Southafrica
The future: Travel and kite all the best spots.
My dream: House by the ccean with perfect waves and wind.
Quote: The power is in the now.

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